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Our Story

Married to Yoga and Meditation: Yogi Couple #KhushiSeYoga

How we met each other ?

It all started when we met each other through parents for arranged marriage traditional setup. Sunder had been practicing since childhood yoga and meditation to control migraine. Sunder has more than 15 year of experience in practicing yoga. Yoga has been a part of her life since childhood as her father an Army Subedar major who practiced yoga with entire family watching yoga guru Ramdev on TV. She explained about her love for yoga while she was doing her MBA and was unsure of the life and career ahead.

Soon we became friends and I suggested her to explore Yoga teacher as a career option but coming from traditional rajasthani and middle class background , convincing parents and society is a difficult task. Then she traveled to Rishikesh, city of yogis to find more about yoga before plunging into the life changing lifestyle. After MBA, she got placed in corporate companies but I suggested her to try yoga instructor for a year and not regret her whole life about not taking something she loves and has been doing it since childhood.

And the journey started, we got married to Yoga and meditation together. She underwent a 200RT yoga teacher training in Yoga vidya gurukul, Nasik and she returned a transformed Yogi. She was a changed person physically , mentally and spiritually. Her thoughts and her point of view was altogether mind blowing. And we began our journey to control our mind and body by travelling and preaching yoga throughout India.

Marriage pic

About My pre and post yoga journey ?

Myself ( Ashok Vishnoi) had 3 years of work experience Infosys and a MBA from T A Pai Management Institute and was working with Virtusa consulting when the whole conversation with Sunder started. Having worked with corporate’s and the work stress associated with long hours and hectic deadlines , yoga was my stress buster. I had many hobbies as my father served in Indian Army and had lived in various parts of India due to Fathers frequent posting. So whichever sports is available , I used to play from cricket to football to athletics to swimming etc. But since joining virtusa I started Yoga and it was a match made in heaven. The more I studied ,the more I practiced and the more involved I got into. It felt like a black hole which was pulling me towards it and consuming me slowly.

This was the time I met sunder and when I got to know her practice and dedication towards yoga , I wanted to save a person from falling into corporate slavery. Also her yoga practice would get affected and her love for yoga and spreading the knowledge of yoga and meditation. Yoga and mediation became our reason of union of thoughts and intellectual discussion. Whenever we met we practiced yoga together and discussed its importance and how we can spread the positivity. We traveled to Rishikesh , Dharamshala , Kullu, Manali , trekked to kheerganga , Malana, Goa, Nasik, etc practicing and learning more about yoga and meditation for a year to take the most important decision of our life. So with the view to reduce stress and help others to remain healthy and use the MBA learning to provide a complete corporate yoga experience to employees.

Yoga Teaching as a profession ? Exciting journey !! Oh Yes

After her Yoga teacher training, she moved with me in Pune. We started with personal sessions to individuals through UrbanPro to understand people objectives and enhance their yoga experience. She also started working as a yoga instructor at MacMoves and Moves Zumba studio in pune. We have conducted Yoga sessions and workshops for corporates like Cipla, S&P Global, Lifestyle, Godrej & Boyce, FIS, AIG Insurance and Birlasoft. She has conducted yoga, meditation and stress management sessions for Cipla, kurkumbh as part of their monthly series for the last 1 year. She was also a yoga instructor at MacMoves and Moves Zumba studio in pune. Due to my job switch we have moved to Navi Mumbai and starting our yoga journey again. Currently, she is undertaking group classes with “Da.Feat studio” in Seawoods grand central mall, Navi Mumbai and corporate sessions to major companies in Mumbai. Mumbai is fast paced and we believe we can reduce the stress level of the employees of the city and help mumbaians leads a healthy and wealthier lifestyle.

We also created “ KhushiSeYoga “ brand to stress upon the fact that happiness is the goal of Yoga.

Yoga session for Lifestyle retail employees

Our Philosophy?

According to us Yoga is a journey not a destination. It requires patience(Dhareya), Practice(abhyaas) and Understanding your potential(Kshamta). Yogic values should be inculcated in daily lifestyle for a stressful and peaceful life. She believes that yoga and meditation should be taught in every school and college so that it reaches masses and who understand its benefits. Yoga should be accessible to all and not to the entitled.

How yoga has helped us lead a more enriched life?

Our life center revolves around yoga from morning personal session to corporate sessions. We Teach yoga together and spread positivity while being happy outlook from inside. Our natural tendency to resolve conflict has changed and while not worrying about small or big obstacles in life. We take a step back and find solutions by discussion rather than arguing or fighting together. Our friends call us for any help on personal and professional matters as well as consider our life as ideal partners.

Yoga session at Da.Feat Studio, Seawoods Grand central mall

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